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Root Study Journal

Root Study Journal publishes original papers, either theoretical or experimental, that provide novel insights into plant roots. The Journal’s subjects include, but are not restricted to, anatomy and morphology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, interactions with soil, mineral nutrients, water, symbionts and pathogens, food culture, together with ecological, genetic and methodological aspects related to plant roots and rhizosphere.

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Nature and Ecotourism طبیعت و طبیعت گردی

Nature and Ecotourism (N&E) is a comprehensive Research base Journal. Its primary mission is to encourage communication of the novel and important research results in various fields of Natural Sciences, tourism and ecotourism . Contributions published in N&E with: Comment on excitement and existing problems of fields, and offer suggestions for improvement the future research.

ISSN: 2588-5154

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Farmer News (خبر کشاورز)

Farmer News is an international journal dedicated to the advancements in agriculture throughout the world. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists, students, academics and engineers all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of agricultural sciences. 


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Thesis Abstracts Journal

You’ve got your PhD or Master's or even your graduation project.

Well done! Congratulations.

You should probably begin to consider getting it published. If it’s a real contribution to knowledge; a PhD and a Master's are supposed to be, then the outside world needs to see it! Thesis Abstracts Journal (TAJ) gives a flavor of the research undertaken by students on different specialist around the World. TAJ provides access to abstracts of most of the Ph.D, Mc.S. and M.A. theses completed in around the World by scientific categories. In some cases, the abstract includes a link to download the thesis itself.

So start to publish a summary please of your Thesis/dissertation by TAJ, Please .

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